-Dirty Wings-

8-$9.00     12-$13.00     24-$24.00     48-$42.00     60-$50.00

Our Original Buffalo Sauce

Our Hot Scale: G – PG – R - X – XX – XXX


Chipotle BBQ 

Sriracha Lime & Cilantro,

Polynesian Orange BBQ

Honey Mustard

Garlic Parmesan


-Spicy Tuna Tartare-

Wasabi Mayo, Sliced Cucumbers, & House Made Pita Chips



-Shrimp and Lobster Firecrackers-

Fresh Shrimp and Lobster Rolled in a Spring Roll Wrapper, Served with Our Polynesian Orange BBQ Sauce




Tri-Colored Corn Chips Smothered with Shredded Jack Cheese, Topped with Sour Cream, Guacamole, Tomato Salsa, House Made Cowboy Refried Beans, Cilantro & Jalapeños  


House Made Guacamole

Served with Warm Pita Chips